Padma Lakshmi Pokes Fun At Herself In Hilarious Meme Comparison

While making fun of others is decidedly uncool, making fun of oneself — particularly if oneself is as cool as Padma Lakshmi — is still on the table. 

The former model and current culinary cool chick has a playful social media persona, and has been known to tweet good-natured ribs on Desi culture, and self-referential Instagram posts about snacks eating snacks. But it's her two latest tweets — a meme featuring three photos, followed by a tweet with a few photos of her own — that have Lakshmi's followers giggling and nodding in agreement.

Lakshmi's first tweet is a meme, with the caption "All Asian women stand like this when they cook." Beneath the statement there are three photos, each of a woman at the stove with her back to the camera, standing in the same pose: one hand on her hip, the other hand tasting, stirring, or otherwise working with ingredients on the stove in front of her. Not one to throw stones from a glass house (or from her kitchen, for that matter), Lakshmi followed the bit with one of her own: a duo of photos of Lakshmi herself, holding the same pose as she stands in front of her own stove cooking potatoes. "Calling myself out..." Lakshmi tweeted alongside the pictures. Lakshmi may cook with many spices, but let it never be said that she herself is salty.

You won't catch Padma Lakshmi calling the kettle black

There is a lot to love about a whip smart chef and vocal human rights activist like Lakshmi poking a little fun at herself via meme-recreation, and least of those is the rad ensemble she is rocking in the photos (though that definitely makes the list). Besides what one user labels a "fire outfit," which consists of a lacy black number and what looks like a homemade apron covered in kids' names, it's the solidarity that Lakshmi's pictures inspire that gives the tweets their true appeal.

"Greek lady here- I cook like that!" tweets @jessica, while @lezama_tony says "and some Mexican men!!" in response to the prevalence of the power pose. "I'm doing it right now," @thewallyeller comments, with a crying emoji. Sounds like there are a few cultures — and varying levels of pride — associated with one-hand-on-hip cooking technique. And in a time when people are calling themselves (and each other) out for far more egregious offenses, it's refreshing and heartwarming to see that the one-handed cooking stance is universally appreciated.