Instagram Agrees With Padma Lakshmi Calling Herself A 'Snack'

Padma Lakshmi has a lot of titles: television host, producer, cookbook author, mother, and now "snack?" That's how the "Top Chef" star referred to herself in an Instagram video clip: "Just a snack eating a snack," Lakshmi joked in the caption for a video that captured Lakshmi getting her makeup done while eating a bowl of avocado-y goodness. (This, for the record, is the kind of multitasking we can get behind!) When a person not seen on camera asks the "Taste The Nation" star and producer what she's snacking on, Lakshmi says, "Just a big old bowl of guac. You know, trying to keep it light!"

While seeing Lakshmi spoon the green stuff directly into her mouth might trigger baby food vibes, that's ok. If it's seasoned correctly, guac is great on its own. Plus, skipping the chips could be seen as a nutritious choice, as even a small serving can be high in sodium, fat, and calories (via Eat This, Not That!). Of course, there's a chance Lakshmi is just opting for a spoon, versus the more common chip delivery system, so as to not smear the gorgeous wine-colored lipstick the makeup artist is brushing on her kisser. From Bravo, we know that Padma Lakshmi does indulge in tortilla chips — at least she did on one Superbowl Sunday when she cooked up a plate of nachos as a form of self-care. Either way, Instagram loved the candid behind-the-scenes guacamole moment.

Even snacks need snacks

Padma Lakshmi's "Just a snack eating a snack" post wasn't the first time Instagram had its mind blown by a Lakshmi snack. Remember the time she told her followers she likes to whip up some pasta carbonara to satisfy her midnight cravings? Naturally, Lakshmi's Instagram followers had some thoughts about the star eating a bowl of guacamole straight-up while getting her face done. Many seemed to think that Lakshmi and her guac both look delicious: "My kinda snacks!!!," said one flattering fan. Others agreed. Along with some fire emojis, one of Lakshmi's followers wrote, "The Caption is underrated." Another added, "No lies detected in that caption."

Other followers were divided on the merits of eating guac sans chips or other edible, dippable tools. "Love a good bowl of guac!" said one follower, adding an avocado emoji for good measure. "I can honestly say I've never seen anyone just spoon guac into their mouth, but I guess that's just Padma AF," wrote another fan. Yet someone else was perplexed. "Tacos are missing," they opined. A different user agreed: "#toohealthyforme." But while some questioned the absence of chips, felt that "bypassing the middleman/chip!" was fine and "that's what spoons are for!!"  

If Padma Lakshmi's video has you craving some smashed and seasoned avocados (with or without chips), you can try this recipe for quick and easy guacamole. Also, be sure to avoid these common guacamole mistakes.