Why Aldi's Brownies Taste Just Like Ghirardelli's, According To Fans

Right up there with cookies and cake, brownies are arguably one of the most popular desserts in America. Whether you like a classic fudgy brownie or prefer one with nuts or a layer of chocolate glaze, the cocoa-packed bars are a staple at parties, bakeries, and restaurants alike. While no one really knows how the brownie was invented — there are rumors that it was a mistake — the first brownie recipe was published in 1905 (via The Nibble). Today, people are still obsessed with the chocolatey treats. There's even an ongoing debate about what part of the brownie is the best — according to one survey by the Gwinnett Daily Post, slightly more people prefer a brownie from the outside edge of the pan with a little bit of crust.

Brownies are very easy to make at home. While you can whip them up from scratch with just a few ingredients, there are also plenty of boxed brownie mixes available. Aldi's mix has received praise from many shoppers, and a recent Reddit thread reveals why people are saying it's just as good as the luxe Ghirardelli brownies. Here's what you likely didn't know about the two mixes.

They are reportedly manufactured by the same company

If you've made brownies using boxed mix from both Ghirardelli and Aldi and thought they tasted similar, there's likely a good reason why. On Reddit, one person shared a screenshot of a Facebook post where someone revealed that both brownie mixes are allegedly from the same manufacturer. "Little did I know it's the exact same mix," the original poster wrote, after purchasing boxes of both. "Same codes on the bags inside. Same instructions." Another person chimed in, explaining, "Ghirardelli doesn't manufacturer them either. They license their name to the same factory Aldi buys from."

Redditors aren't the only ones who have discovered the uncanny similarity between Ghirardelli and Aldi brownies. "We are die-hard fans of the Ghirardelli brownie mixes – they're just the best," the blogger behind Come Home For Comfort said. "This is reallllly close, if not an exact dupe for Ghirardelli! The Aldi brand was about $1 cheaper." There's no denying that plenty of people are obsessed with Aldi's brownie mixes, and considering they seem to be a more affordable version of the higher-end Ghirardelli mixes, we can see why.