How Chrissy Teigen Really Organizes Her Fridge

If your refrigerator is long overdue for a good cleaning, you are not alone. According to The Wall Street Journal, many Americans don't like cleaning their appliance, and most only do so once or twice a year. Even if you're already in the kitchen cleaning your stove, the idea of sifting through decomposing heads of lettuce and pungent takeout boxes can be overwhelming. Within a couple of weeks or even a few days, it can become a war zone of molding cheese and vegetables, forgotten leftovers, and expired condiments.

While cleaning your fridge is important, keeping it organized and orderly is just as crucial. Once all the week-old food has been tossed and the shelves have been wiped down, it's time to put everything back again. And yes, it really does matter where you put your milk, hot sauce, soda, andĀ snacks. If you want to organize but don't know where to begin, Chrissy Teigen has all of the solutions for you. In a video on her YouTube channel, Teigen and organizing expert Krystal Guinn breakdown Guinn's four-part philosophy. If you follow their four simple and approachable tips, your fridge will be as clean as a whistle in no time.

Four easy tips for an organized fridge

According to Chrissy Teigen and Krystal Guinn, you can get your fridge in tip-top shape by simply following four easy steps. But first, you must complete the daunting and dreaded task of cleaning it out. Once you have a blank canvas in front of you, the first and most important step involves grouping together like items. "We're keeping dairy with dairy, produce with produce, that type of thing," said Guinn in Teigen's YouTube video. As Teigen points out, one of the perks of keeping similar items together is that it's very easy to see when something needs to get added to the grocery list.

Guinn's next tip involves compartmentalizing. If you have any Lazy Susans, draw dividers, or even an organizing shower accessory, using these containers is a great way to free up some space. Tip number three? Visibility. Being able to see what you have is key to ensuring that no food lies forgotten about and goes to waste. Guinn recommends keeping your tall items in the back, short items in the front, and using translucent containers for takeout and leftover foods.

Last but not least, if you want to go the extra mile, Guinn's final tip revolves around uniformity and keeping your refrigerator aesthetic and clean. Guinn stacks beverages by size and leaves small spaces between items for the ultimate eye-catching experience.