The Truth About Cayton Flippen From Guy's Chance Of A Lifetime

Broiling and basting your way to the top of a restaurant's food chain can take a lifetime, so a shot at winning the "keys to a multi-million dollar" franchise could be quite the game-changer. Well, that's exactly what's at stake on "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime," and, of course, that prized franchise is none other than Guy Fieri's poultry-slinging Chicken Guy. According to the Food Network, there are seven contestants in the running, and one of those competitors knows a thing or two about the business side of a restaurant.

In his contestant bio, the Food Network points out that Texan Cayton Flippen waited tables during the beginning of his career path, giving him some well-rounded restaurant industry exposure. Today, Flippen is a food service business development manager and an owner of a diner. According to his LinkedIn profile, Flippen has been working with restaurants for the last decade to "help them gain a competitive advantage." Surely this experience will lend a hand when it comes to competing on "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime," but Flippen may have picked up a skill or two from another challenge that could help him on the show.

It's not Cayton Flippen's first time on reality TV

Reality fans may recognize Flippen from another series. According to the Paris News, back in 2012, Flippen competed on CMT's "Redneck Island," a TV show hosted by former pro wrestler Steve Austin that consisted of a series of "redneck" challenges. The show was based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where contestants were filmed roughing it around the clock. Flippen was only allowed to bring one "luxury item," and he chose a Bible.

After returning from "Redneck Island," Flippen told the Paris News that he missed his family. He also divulged that the next reality show he would like to participate in would be a cooking show. Flippen finally got his wish, but only time will tell if the rustic skills he picked up on "Redneck Island" will come in handy on "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime." According to the Food Network, Flippen is "ready to bring his relentless work ethic and big dreams to a Chicken Guy franchise." Of course, he'll have to beat out the other competitors first.

To find out if Flippen has what it takes to win his own franchise, tune into "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime," premiering on the Food Network Sunday, January 2 at 9/8 Central.