Read This Before Adding Pepperoni To Your Jet's Pizza Order

Take a stroll to your local hometown pizzeria, and you'll likely get served a slice of New York-style pizza, that classic round pizza with a thin, chewy crust and golden brown top of mozzarella cheese dotted with bubbles and orange pools of grease. That's a pretty common sight in pizzerias all over the country, but if you're a Michigan native, you'll probably get served something different — yet no less delicious: a rectangular pizza with a thick and caramelized crust that tastes both buttery and airy, topped with bubbling Wisconsin brick cheese, smears of chunky red marinara sauce, and little cup-like pieces of crispy pepperoni. That's known as Detroit-style pizza, which is often enjoyed at a chain called Jet's Pizza.

Founded in Detroit in 1978 by Eugene and John Jetts and now boasting locations in 19 states, per a company press release, Jet's has a little something for even the most hardcore pizza fanatics. From a classic hand-tossed pepperoni pizza to a deep-dish Detroit-style BLT pizza with a parmesan crust, customers are practically bound to find a favorite. But before you pick up your phone and call in an order, there's something you should know about what happens when you order a certain topping at Jet's.

Jet's has two different types of pepperoni pizza

According to a YouTube video shared by NBC4 Columbus, ordering a pepperoni pizza from Jet's Pizza gets you a deep-dish Detroit-style pizza with a rectangular crust and pepperoni. While most people would surely be delighted by this dish, what if what if you were instead expecting a round, thin-crust pizza? This, too, exists at Jet's Pizza; you just have to know how to ask for it. Patrick Pierce, the chain's sales and marketing manager, explained that pepperoni pizza is the company's name for its standard Detroit-style pizza, while those who want a similar product with a thin crust should order "bold pepperoni."

"There's a difference in the pepperoni here," Pierce said in the video, holding the classic pepperoni pizza next to the bold pepperoni pizza. Pierce pointed out the smaller, cup-shaped style of the bold pepperoni as compared to the larger, flat pepperoni slices on the deep-dish pizza. If you want the former style, Pierce says, you have to specify that you would like the thin-crust pizza with bold pepperoni. "There's no price difference. It's just an option," he said.