The Truth About Chelsea Sargent-Lira From Guy's Chance Of A Lifetime

What could be better than hopping into a Chicken Guy and chowing down on a juicy chicken tender dipped into any one of their 22 signature sauces? How about actually owning one of the franchises? That goal is within reach for the seven contestants who were chosen to compete on "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime," meaning one lucky competitor is going to walk away with the opportunity to dip their tendies into some Cumin Lime Mojo, Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ, or Wasabi Honey anytime they like.

One contestant, Chelsea Sargent-Lira is no stranger to TV competitions. She competed con Season 9 of Fox's "MasterChef," according to Voyage Houston. Sargent-Lira told the Houston-based publication that after being on the show "a lot more doors opened for me in the Culinary World." She leveraged that exposure to open a catering business specializing in charcuterie tables and boxes. Unfortunately for Sargent-Lira, running a business didn't go quite as smoothly as slicing into a silky wheel of brie.

The pandemic crushed Chelsea Sargent-Lira's catering company

As everyone in the food industry — and anyone who eats food — knows, the pandemic was truly devastating to the restaurant industry, and Chelsea Sargent-Lira's catering company wasn't immune to the disastrous effects of the times. According to the Food Network, her orders were canceled, and the amount she had to refund her clients reached a shocking $10,000. However, Guy Fieri's charitable work for the restaurant industry was one bright spot that inspired Sargent-Lira, who would like to win "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime" to put herself in a position to help others.

Beyond running a catering business, Sargent-Lira brings some unique experiences to the table. According to her contestant bio on the Food Network, she had a worldly childhood including stints in Dubai and Scotland that gave her access to global cuisines from an early start. She's also worked in restaurants, but perhaps her most impressive feat in the kitchen is the confidence she's gained. "Having struggled with body positivity, anxiety, and depression, Chelsea has worked hard to love herself — and cooking was instrumental in her getting to that point," says the bio. Only time will tell if Sargent-Lira has what it takes to win a Chicken Guy Franchise, but we'd love to see her hit her goal of sharing positivity wherever she lands in the competition.