You Can Now Celebrate 'Betty White Day' With All Of Her Favorite Foods

One of the things we loved best about Betty White was how she told it like it is – and this extended to what she said about food. What's more annoying than having celebrity lifestyle gurus constantly chirping at us about how there's nothing more delicious than a big bowl o' steamed kale and quinoa? One thing we can guarantee about White is that she'd never, ever have tried to sell us on the stuff, nor did she claim to live off a diet of grapefruit juice or protein bars or whatever other food fads were in vogue throughout her long life. 

When the beloved Betty White was being interviewed by People at the age of 99, the outlet asked her for the usual blurb about how she managed to make it so long and stay in such great condition. She replied in typically sassy fashion, "I try to avoid anything green. I think it's working." Veggie haters all over the world promptly inquired as to whether they could get this motto embroidered on a pillow or emblazoned on a t-shirt.

While we are all devastated that White won't be around to celebrate her 100th birthday this January 17th, that doesn't mean we won't be marking the centennial ourselves. As TMZ notes, her hometown of Oak Park, Illinois has declared it to be "Betty White Day" with celebrations to include all of her favorite foods – and not a veggie in sight (unless french fries count).

These should be the official foods of Betty White Day

No celebration of the late, great Betty White's life could be complete without two of her favorite foods: hot dogs and fries. If you're in Oak Park for the festivities, TMZ says that this meal will be on special at Mickey's. If you're out on the west coast, though, you might want to make a pilgrimage to LA's legendary Pink's Hot Dogs. White was very fond of their tube steaks – so fond that she ate them topping-free, and as the Daily News reports, Pinks says that the "Betty White Naked Hot Dog" will stay on the menu in perpetuity.

Wherever you're celebrating Betty White Day, if you're doing it in Oak Park, Beverly Hills, or your own living room as you weepily binge-watch all seven seasons of "The Golden Girls," you've got to have birthday cake, of course, as this is something Betty White enjoyed at least 99 times when her special day rolled around. You'll also want some Red Whips, another one of her favorite treats, and maybe a Snickers bar to commemorate that famous commercial where White plays football. For a celebratory beverage, you could always hoist a vodka martini, her cocktail of choice. If you're not a martini fan, though, don't worry. As US Weekly reveals, White was a fan of Diet Coke, which is something that will pair perfectly with those hot dogs.