Baskin-Robbins' New Flavor Is Modeled After A Very Specific Dessert

The new year is usually a time for self reflection. We make resolutions and hope that changes will be made in the next 365 days. But inevitably, something always kicks us off our game when it comes to those half-hearted promises to ourselves. But what if instead of trying to find the "improvements" we need to make in our everyday lives, we learned to worry less and enjoy more? That's the philosophy Baskin Robbins seems to support as they ring in the new year with a brand new flavor.

Every month, Baskin Robbins introduces a new addition to their rotation of 31 flavors. Some are inventive and off-the-wall, while others put a twist on beloved classics. For instance, November 2021's flavor was Snickerdoodle Chai, featuring a cinnamon streusel ribbon and chunks of snickerdoodle dough (via Baskin Robbins). December's flavor was called Gingerbread House, inspired by the classic holiday dessert of the same name. But with the new month — and year — they had to bring their A-game, and they sure delivered.

This flavor brings the magic

According to a press release from Baskin Robbins, the franchise is keeping the holiday magic going with their newest Flavor of the Month, Magic Layer Bar™. Inspired by the already popular Seven Layer Magic Bar, each ingredient in the ice cream has an element of the bar that inspired it. It features a mix of coconut and graham cracker crumbles mixed into a subtle and not too overpowering French custard flavored ice cream with a ganache swirl.

"We feel the combination of ingredients we chose for the January Flavor of the Month really had to set the tone for the magic we're going to bring to our customers this year through our exciting new flavor lineup," Shawn-Marie Allan, the ice cream chain's Research & Development Technologist, notes in the press release. After the last couple years, we could all use a little magic, so it only makes sense to give this flavor a try.