Zaxby's Just Dropped A New Sauce Perfect For Garlic Lovers

If you like crispy fried chicken tenders, then you know the importance of a good dipping sauce. Sure, great chicken tenders should be juicy inside, have a well-seasoned crispy coating, and can stand on their own without a dipping sauce, but just like cheese pizza is good but pepperoni pizza is great, chicken tenders are just better when paired with a great dipping sauce. 

The fast food chain Zaxby's is known for both. Its fried chicken, from Chicken Fingerz to Boneless Wings, is crispy on the outside and moist within, and best served with some of the chain's signature dipping sauces. There are house Zax Sauce and Spicy Zax Sauce, along with more than 10 other options (via the Zaxby's website), and now a new sauce is entering the fray: Buffalo Garlic Blaze (via Brand Eating). The chain has a number of spicy sauces already, from mild Wimpy sauce to very hot Insane sauce (via the restaurant's website), but there is now a new buffalo sauce on the menu. 

What to expect from the Buffalo Garlic Blaze at Zaxby's

The Zaxby's website says that the new Buffalo Garlic Blaze sauce is "a classic bold buffalo sauce with medium heat" and garlic flavor. Per Brand Eating, Zaxby's uses a five-flame scale to rank the heat of their sauces, and this new flavor gets two out of five flames for spiciness, making it a safe choice for those with a medium spice tolerance (via Facebook).

You can get the sauce with any menu item, but it's featured in the Buffalo Garlic Blaze Boneless Wings Meal. The price varies based on location, but Brand Eating says it should be in the ballpark of $7.99. The meal includes five of the chain's signature crispy boneless wings that are coated in Buffalo Garlic Blaze sauce and is paired with a side of Texas toast, crinkle fries, a small drink, and Ranch Sauce so you can dip and dunk to your heart's content. You can swap out the ranch for even more Buffalo Garlic Blaze sauce, though, if you're serious about spice.