This TikTok Influencer Inspired Ree Drummond To Clean Up Her Kitchen

When you imagine Ree Drummond's kitchen, you likely picture something straight off a Pinterest board. You can just see it now: gorgeous hand-painted mixing bowls stacked neatly on shelves, a perfectly organized pantry where everything is lined up and in its proper place (no expired jars of pasta sauce here!), and a fridge where eggs are kept in a ceramic carton, milk is in a pretty glass jar, and the produce is arranged in individual bins. After all, this is the same celebrity chef who told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that you should have a "small workspace inside the pantry. That way you can carve meat, prep veggies, or anything else you'd like to do outside of the traffic flow if you have a bunch of people over." Talk about living the kitchen dream.

That said, even the Pioneer Woman needs to get things in order from time to time, and January is the perfect time to do a little early spring cleaning. Drummond recently posted a video on Instagram in which she organized her fridge for the new year, saying she was inspired by a famous TikTok influencer. Here's a look at the Food Network star's newly arranged kitchen.

Drummond's fridge-organizing video is very Emily Mariko

If you've ever reorganized your kitchen, you know just how good it feels when everything is clean and in its rightful place. Drummond is all too familiar with that satisfaction, which is why she recently shared a video on Instagram of her organizing her fridge in the style of Emily Mariko, a young lifestyle influencer who has amassed more than 8 million fans on TikTok. "I'm 52 and I love @emilymariko so much. She's an influencer who has officially influenced me. Hope you enjoy my new fridge stock!" Drummond wrote in the caption. In the video, Drummond puts all of her leftovers and prepped food in neatly stackable Tupperware containers, slides produce into clear bins, and arranges her proteins on pretty trays. But she isn't all about the fancy life: "For every wedge of Brie, I've gotta have a brick of Velveeta," she added.

For as much as Drummond loves her newly organized fridge, fans love it even more — or, at least, they love the ASMR video of her rearranging everything to perfection. "This is surprisingly satisfying and mesmerizing to watch," one person wrote in the comments, while many others agreed they could watch the Pioneer Woman organize for hours on end.