The TV Show Andrew Zimmern Wants To Bring Back

Fans of cooking shows are very likely to recognize Andrew Zimmern. He's well-known for "Bizarre Foods," and Zimmern has said that "Family Dinner" is one of the best TV shows that he's made. While some fans probably can't wait to see what Zimmern does in the future, plenty might also hope to see some of his discontinued shows return to the screen. There's one show Zimmern himself hopes to bring back, too.

In a recent tweet, Zimmern said that he wanted to see "The Zimmern List" return to the small screen. This was in response to Twitter user @Bobas77's tweet to Zimmern asking whether more episodes of the show would be released. The chef pointed out that the "show was a huge success, nominated for Emmy's and won one, and should get picked up somewhere. Like dozens of other shows it went away when the network switched from travel format to ghost/paranormal format. Hopefully @DiscoveryIncTV finds it a home."

More about 'The Zimmern List'

With so many shows, it's hard to keep track of everything that Andrew Zimmern has been featured in. Though lots of them have similar premises, each show has its own unique spin. Zimmern even called out The Cooking Channel on Twitter once for saying a scene was from "Bizarre Foods" instead of "Delicious Destinations," which is a spin-off from "Bizarre Foods."

So if you aren't familiar with "The Zimmern List," here's what you need to know. According to the show's description on the Travel Channel website, Zimmern takes the audience to his favorite places for food and travel, and these locations should be on everyone's travel list. Throughout the show, he's visited cities throughout the United States like Boston, Seattle, and Charleston.

There are two seasons of the show (via TV Guide), and you can watch episodes of "The Zimmern List" on such online services as Vudu, fuboTV, and Amazon. The Star Tribune reported that "The Zimmern List" won a 2020 Daytime Emmy as the outstanding travel and adventure program, so it's well worth your time. Are you hoping that new episodes of the show will air? While we'll have to wait to see what happens with "The Zimmern List," we'll be getting new content featuring Zimmern this year. According to Zimmern's website, in 2022, the show "Andrew Zimmern's Wild Game Kitchen" will debut on the Outdoor Channel.