Costco Shoppers Are In Love With These Mini All American Cakes

It's that time of year when many people try to lower their sugar intake or possibly even stop eating it altogether. But if you ask us, dessert is one course that should stay a permanent part of your diet. Hear us out. Not only do we get joy out of eating ice cream or chocolate chip cookies, but Spoon University found scientific evidence showing that eating sweet treats can help reduce stress and maintain a balanced diet. Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied in 2019 found that diners who picked out their dessert before the rest of their meal ended up consuming fewer calories overall (via Eat This, Not That!).

If you're now thinking about amending your New Years' resolutions to include more dessert in 2022, there's more good news. Costco is once again selling individual-sized versions of one of its most beloved bakery items that will make for the perfect end (or beginning!) to your meals. "Mini all American cakes are back at my Costco for $7.99," Costco fan Instagram account @costcobuys shared, along with a photo of the baked goods.

Costco fans are thrilled about this treat

Costco's All American cakes were a chocolate lovers' dream: four layers of chocolate cake topped with rich chocolate icing and chocolate shavings. Sadly, the big-box retailer stopped selling the seven-pound confection in 2020 — though it wasn't long before it made its way back into the store's bakery under a slightly different guise. 

In July 2021, the chain delighted customers by releasing a mini, cupcake-esque version of the chocolate-heavy dessert that came in packages of six. Now, these treats have returned once again and, as evidenced by the response to @costcobuys' Instagram post about the product, shoppers are, once again, thrilled. "Love these cakes. So happy they are back," user @kuranv1 commented. "These are the best things ever," quipped another fan.

Of course, while the amount of chocolate in Costco's mini All American cakes will satisfy some peoples' sweet tooth, it may be too rich for others. Luckily, another one of @costcobuys' followers has a solution. "These are sooooo sweet and huge, but very chocolatey. Best way to eat it is cutting it in half," said user Regardless of how you slice them (or even if you don't!) it certainly seems like Costco's mini All American cakes will make for a great treat if you've revised your New Years' resolution to include dessert in moderation with your meals.