This US President Had A Baskin Robbins Flavor Created Just For Him

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How time flies! Can you believe the United States will be turning 250 years old in just a few years? Yes, July 4, 2026 will mark our nation's ... Sestercentennial, Quarter Millennium, or perhaps Bicenquinquagenary, which the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says are all words used to designate a 250th anniversary. It looks as if the official term we're adopting is the tongue-twisting Semiquincentennial (via America 250), and no doubt we'll hear more about exciting plans to celebrate it in the next few years.

Dare we hope that some of our favorite foods will start Semiquincing things up when 2026 rolls around? So far, all we've had is PBR's epic 1.776 pack, but 46 years ago, everyone in 1976 America, businesses included, had Bicentennial fever. Pez released a Betsy Ross dispenser, McDonalds had red, white, and blue shakes (via Pinterest), and on eBay you can still find Burger King's series of Bicentennial glasses.

Even Baskin-Robbins got in on the bicentennial fun by releasing not one, but 4 patriotic flavors that summer. According to a Baskin-Robbins brochure entitled "Celebrate 31 Ways in '76," these included Yankee Doodle Strudel, Minute Man Mint, Concord Grape, and a shout-out to a location that helped make the Father of our Country famous, Valley Forge Fudge.

Valley Forge Fudge had ties to two presidents

Valley Forge Fudge was obviously named for the winter encampment where, as per History, General George Washington shaped his Continental troops into a military machine that was able to beat back the Brits. (Who were, as Smithsonian Magazine points out, admittedly overextended on numerous other fronts across a global stage, but that's just the way the Empire cookie crumbles ... Come to think of it, Empire Cookie Crumbles wouldn't make a half-bad Baskin Robbins flavor, itself.) Fittingly, this presidentially-themed ice cream was taste-tested by another POTUS.

According to Baskin Robbins' website, a quart of Valley Forge Fudge was created for a Bicentennial celebration that also coincided with the chain's 31st anniversary. During the festivities, then-president Gerald Ford partook of the newly-churned ice cream. As Celebrate 31 Ways in 76 indicates, though, the flavor was released to the general public that summer. It's possible that President Ford may have had the very first bite of Valley Forge Fudge, but it wouldn't be long until his fellow Americans were to enjoy a scoop of that special flavor, which, as far as we know, has been consigned to Baskin-Robbins' history for the past 46 years.

While President Ford (and Washington, for that matter) is no longer with us, perhaps Baskin Robbins will bring back that most presidential of flavors for another go-round in 2026. If it does, maybe the the scoop shop will let it linger in stores for a bit longer this time around, since the 2076 Tricentennial is still quite a ways away.