Good News For Fans Of Costco's Raspberry Crumble Cookies

For anyone who has resolved to enjoy more dessert this year, it is time to head to Costco's bakery. According to a recent post by Instagram account @costco_empties, the warehouse chain's popular raspberry crumble cookies have returned to shelves. With a jammy filling and a streusel topping, the treat is almost a cross between a Linzer torte and a shortbread cookie. They cost $9.99 for a dozen, and comments suggest that they're too good to resist.

While some social media comments suggest freezing a few raspberry crumble cookies to enjoy at a later date, others seem to never have leftovers. @Costco_empties recommends warming them up for an extra special treat, which has some customers heading to their cars. "These def have a cult like following and I can't believe I still haven't tried them. But now that you mentioned warming them," commented @thecostcopro with a mind-blown emoji, "adding to list!"

Why Costco's raspberry crumble cookies are so popular

While the Costco bakery is totally stocked with treats both sweet and savory, the chain's raspberry crumble cookies, in particular, have struck a cord with shoppers. When they returned to warehouses after a short absence in March of 2021, Eat This, Not That shared that some fans referred to them as "grown-up Poptarts." That makes sense, as Instagram user @costcobuys revealed that they like to crisp them up a bit in the toaster. One comment called them the "best cookies in the world," while countless others say they freeze well but usually disappear before they make it to the freezer.

In case your local Costco is fresh out of the raspberry crumble cookies on your next trip, there are a ton of copycat recipes online for this Kirkland signature, such as one by Lovely Little Kitchen. The blog says they're easy to make with just a few ingredients and only 15 minutes in the oven — and the key is to balance the crumbly streusel with the sweet and tart raspberry. Still, the easiest way to enjoy this treat is to obviously buy a package at Costco. Whether eaten warm or straight from the box, these fan-favorite cookies seem to satisfy.