Instagram Is Loving Ina Garten's Take On Charlie Bird's Farro Salad

It's January, which, for some people, means forgoing the delightful cookies and boozy beverages of the holiday season in favor of lighter fare. That doesn't necessarily mean embarking on a diet or cleanse, and it certainly doesn't mean whipping up dinners that feel boring after weeks of celebratory eating. If you need inspiration for exciting veggie-packed dishes, however, you can look to none other than celebrity chef Ina Garten.

Garten recently took to Instagram to show off her take on a farro salad from Charlie Bird, an Italian-style eatery in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. "Post holiday excess, I'm making lighter dinners for us this month but this Charlie Bird's Farro Salad is so delicious and satisfying that no one minds," she captioned the picture. And, because she's Ina Garten, the internet responded in a big way. "Lunch: decided. Thank you," posted fellow celebrity and food lover Jennifer Garner, while Barefoot Contessa fan account @StoreBoughtIsFine replied, "Love this salad soooo much!"

What's in the Charlie Bird farro salad?

Luckily for fans of Charlie Bird's farro salad who want to emulate Ina Garten, the recipe is available online from New York Times Cooking. What sets this dish apart from similar salads is that the grain is cooked in apple cider and bay leaves instead of plain water, the publication says, calling it "one of the best" farro salads out there. High-quality extra-virgin olive oil doesn't hurt, either.

Garten has also shared the recipe on her website. In addition to the farro and cider, it's made with Parmesan cheese, pistachios, arugula, radishes, and cherry tomatoes, as well as a lemony vinaigrette, fresh herbs, and flaky sea salt. The best part? She labels this salad a "beginner" dish, so just about anyone who can slice, dice, and boil water can enjoy its deliciousness. If you're not convinced, just scroll through the comments on Garten's Instagram post about the recipe, many of which are from people who swear by the salad.