Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Wait To Try Its New Kalua Pork Spring Rolls

Trader Joe's fans probably already know that, in addition to collections of fresh fruits, veggies, and pantry staples, the store offers a wide variety of prepared and frozen meals, entrees, appetizers, and sides that are tasty and easy to put together on busy nights. And now, the popular grocery store is adding an exciting offering to its quick and easy dishes with new frozen kalua pork spring rolls. Inspired by the Hawaiian delicacy of Kalua Pork, each crispy roll is filled with hearty, shredded pieces of smoked pork, Asian glass noodles, and a medley of vegetables, including green cabbage, yellow onions, carrots, and scallions, according to Trader Joe's website.

One Trader Joe's shopper even took to Instagram to share their review of these new kalua pork spring rolls. "Spring is a few months away, but you can enjoy a Hawaiian inspired spring roll today! It's filled with smoke flavored pork and vegetables that are waiting for your air fryer to heat them up (or bake!)" @traderjoeslist posted on the social media site. A box of four was priced at just $4.79 at this location, but as the Trader Joe's FAQ page points out, the availability and prices of different items can vary across locations.

The new kalua pork spring rolls received mostly positive reviews

Many excited Trader Joe's customers seemed as if they couldn't wait to try out this new product for themselves. Quite a few social media users responded to the news saying they "needed" to purchase these savory, smokey spring rolls the next time they went grocery shopping (via Instagram). "This sounds delicious!!!! Definitely have to snag these on my next grocery run," @brittcheek posted.

Some customers who had already gotten the chance to sample the new item reported back with positive reviews. "They're so good and ingredients look great! had them last night," @milajanelle replied. "So good! Perfect in the air fryer!" raved @sherikus. "Welp there goes that weight loss resolution," joked another Trader Joe's fan. However, some shoppers had a few complaints, with a few calling the spring rolls "greasy." Others expressed their wish that Trader Joe's would offer a gluten-free spring roll option. But judging by the comments, if you're looking for something to try something new during your next grocery run and don't mind a little grease or gluten, these new kalua pork spring rolls might be worth sampling.