Instagram Is Loving Martha Stewart's Mini Snowplow

Whichever person Martha Stewart has tasked with taking her Instagram photos and videos at the moment is due for a raise. The star has been quite active lately and seemingly traversing North America. While a picture from just a few days ago featured Stewart in the Dominican Republic – all sunshine and palm trees and linen suits — a more recent post would suggest that the domestic goddess has come back to her homestead in Bedford, New York where the snowfall is heavy, the plows are revved up, and the guy or gal taking pictures for Stewart's socials is wishing they were back in Santo Domingo.

"Plowing is so much fun!" Stewart exclaims from the driver's seat of her Polaris vehicle in her Instagram Story. Martha Stewart didn't become the Do-It-Yourself master by hiring other people to plow her snow, after all. As she points out in the post, Stewart is not advertising for Polaris; though they do seem to be in a monogamous relationship. The mini snowplow is the preferred vehicle for, as she romantically phrases it, "correct removal of the frosty white accumulation of snow crystals," prompting an, ahem, flurry of comments about the brand by Stewart's followers. "We need one of these," one user said, while another wrote, "Martha you have all the best toys!!" What gear and/or vehicle her photographer is shooting from remains to be revealed, but we hope it's just as warm and cozy.

Martha Stewart has a history with plowing snow

For Martha Stewart, snow plowing is not only a necessity on her New York farm this time of year, but a grand tradition that goes back at least five years. Time reported in 2017 that an early-February blizzard on the East Coast was no match for the hurricane that is Martha Stewart when she has a project in mind. At that time, Stewart posted a photo of herself behind the wheel of a massive Ford pickup truck, fitted with a giant yellow snowplow. "I decided to plow now I am stuck darn!!!!!" she Tweeted at the time. Stewart came clean with her penchant for the task in 2020, too. "I told you I was addicted to snow plowing," she captions a video she posted on Instagram just before Christmas that year. "I spent almost three hours plowing just one mile of my four miles of roads here at the farm."

These days, Stewart goes with a slimmer, sexier model for all her plowing needs. She tagged Polaris Off-Road vehicles in her most recent social media post, explaining in a subsequent close-up that wool gloves from CVS and a faux-fur scarf (from the Martha Stewart collection, obvi) complete the snow plow starter kit, for anyone who is thinking about getting into the game. "Making the snow look hot Martha!" raved a fan. We couldn't agree more.