This Is Ina Garten's Favorite Snow Day Food

Well guys, it's a snow day. And that can only mean one thing — Ina Garten is not coming to your dinner party. In fact, she's not leaving the house at all, so don't take it personally. Garten has made it clear via Instagram that her house rules clearly state there is no going anywhere... At least, not on a day as snowy as the one she and husband Jeffrey are experiencing at their East Hampton estate.

This time last year, Garten was "a little cranky" (her words) because the weather, the pandemic, and the long winter evenings were forcing her indoors, so she did what any self-respecting grumplestiltskin would do: made baked rigatoni with lamb ragù and posted it on Instagram. What's that, you say? Being grumpy online doesn't usually result in pictures of rich, cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth pasta dishes? Well, when you're Ina Garten, the rules are different. 

So, if you want to take a page out of Garten's (cook)book and stay inside with a favorite dish, we're pretty sure she'd give you her stamp of approval. "Gorge!" one user commented on the wintry photo. "What's your favorite recipe for snow days?" Never one to shy away from a food question, Garten answered swiftly and succinctly, with three heart emojis to boot: "Soup!!"

Ina Garten's snow day soup for the soul

Garten's garden is gorgeous on a sunny day, no doubt, but with a light dusting of snow, it looks positively magical. Add another five inches, though, and the situation starts to look a little dire. It's nothing a little soup can't fix! Garten's got recipes for days, but her website has a special section for food that will warm your cold winter's heart, including plenty of hearty soups. Mexican chicken soup? Onion and fennel soup gratin? Nothing is off the table when you're trying to stay warm on a snowy evening. If we had to guess what Garten typically whips up while she's hunkering down, our money is on the aptly named "winter minestrone" with garlic bruschetta, but as She Knows points out, the chef's list of winter comfort foods is extensive.

This time last year, Eating Well reported that with a blizzard approaching, Garten was on a familiar mission to nourish the soul and warm the bones, telling a fan that "a big pot of Split Pea soup" was on the menu. Will this year's stormy season bring the peas back for an encore? Or will Garten reach for the Tuscan white beans? The lentils? Or maybe the wild mushrooms and farro? Whatever she chooses, it's sure to be soup-er.