Ina Garten Shares Her Ideal Cocktail For A Snowstorm

Road assistance workers, grocery delivery employees, Martha Stewart in her snowplow – these are all heroes you would be relieved to see during a blizzard. But Ina Garten, Food Network chef and possible Avenger-in-disguise, brings a different superpower to your neighborhood snowstorm emergency: a good cocktail recipe. You might remember the time Garten made drinks for the entire lower half of New York state; the chef's spidey senses told her that quarantine was bringing everyone down, so she zapped a massive cosmopolitan into existence on Instagram, then used her superhuman strength to pour the entire thing into a martini glass the size of a small sedan. "It's always cocktail hour in a crisis!" Garten wisely noted in the caption, before flying off to save a student somewhere by sharing her college dorm cooking method

This time, our fearless leader is making cocktails from the blood of her enemies. Oh, sorry, wait ... scratch that; they're from blood oranges. Which, like Ina Garten's enemies, aren't always easy to find. But blood orange season is upon us (it's generally December through April) and if you're lucky enough to live somewhere sunny and citrusy — or you have a fixer who does — then you could be lucky enough to enjoy the same cocktail that superhero Ina Garten recommends for a snowstorm.

Blood oranges supercharge a winter cosmopolitan

"Just what the doctor ordered for a snowstorm!" Ina Garten writes in her Instagram post, along with the hashtag "#bloodorangecosmos." The accompanying photo shows four perfect cocktails, each the brilliant red-orange of a desert sunset, in martini glasses on a silver tray. "Well don't those just look perfect," wrote one user, echoing the sentiments of many of Garten's followers. "Bring back the quarantine glass," writes another, adding a martini emoji and presumably referencing the 10-gallon glass Garten used for her super-sized cosmo tutorial (via Instagram).

While we can't exactly vouch for the medical advice she implies when saying they are "just what the doctor ordered," Healthline does report that blood oranges are full of vitamin C. Garten doesn't include a recipe for the snowstorm cocktail on her social media, but there is a Barefoot Contessa recipe that Garten may have followed for her picture-perfect drinks (via Food Network). Two parts good vodka, one part orange liqueur, and two parts blood orange juice mixed with the juice of about four limes will yield six snowstorm cosmos, according to the recipe credited to Rob Marshall and John DeLuca. Mix, shake over ice, and find six martini glasses (or a single giant one) to serve. Make sure to rub the glass rim with a blood orange peel, then garnish the drink with it as Garten does.