This Might Be The Exact Date Popeyes' Fish Sandwich Returns In 2022

Last year, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen debuted their Cajun Flounder Sandwich, a first for the chain most famed for its fried chicken sandwich. It ran as a limited-time order, and there is no guarantee that Popeyes will bring back this seafood option for another go. However, if it were to return, at or around February 24 would be a good bet. That's because fish sandwiches tend to emerge around the time the Catholic Church celebrates Lent. 

According to, Catholics began their Lenten season on February 17 in 2021 and will celebrate Ash Wednesday, the season's starting point, on March 2, 2022. As The Arizona Republic reported last year, Popeyes launched the Cajun Flounder Sandwich on February 11, the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. If they repeat this, then we can expect the sandwich's return on the 24th. Of course, they could try a different tactic, but if they want the sandwich to be a competitor for the Catholic demographic, then the sandwich will return in that period.

But is it any good?

While we can speculate about the timeframe in which the sandwich would or should return, the topic of whether the Cajun Flounder Sandwich should actually return is a separate matter. After all, we already have Arby's and McDonald's duking it out on sea shanty TikTok.

Based on reviews, though, the sandwich indeed should return. In The Arizona Republic's words, "This fast food fish sandwich is surprisingly flavorful and much more substantial when compared with its Filet-O-Fish cousin." Thrillist goes further, saying that if the Cajun Flounder Sandwich were not a limited offering, it could be worth ordering in its own right: "In other words, it's good enough to be on the menu all year."

It appears, then, that Arby's and McDonald's should be the ones marking their calendar, lest the return of the Cajun Flounder Sandwich catches them off guard. It might not command the respect of their chicken sandwich, but when Popeyes puts their mind to their menu, the results turn out solid.