Martha Stewart's New Shades From Snoop Dogg Are 'Fit For Rappers'

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's iconic friendship makes an appearance again in the celebrity chef's recent Instagram photo (which appears to have been deleted), per People. The two friends are wearing contrasting jerseys — hers in a bright orange with "Coach Martha" printed on the front and his in a slightly muted blue color with "Coach Snoop" text down the middle. And while Snoop has "Fluff" written on his sleeve, Stewart's sleeve says the "Ruff."

As you may have guessed from their dog-themed jerseys, the stars were wearing their jerseys to film the upcoming Puppy Bowl, which they also co-hosted last year. Stewart excitedly informed followers about their meeting in a separate Instagram post about a scrumptious-looking frittata she made to enjoy on the way to Los Angeles for the furry showdown. Like before, Stewart will support Team Ruff, and Snoop will cheer on Team Fluff. 

They've been close ever since 2008, when the musical artist starred on Stewart's cooking show as a guest, according to People. Now, the Internet always gets excited whenever this duo is seen together, and this recent meet-up received enthusiastic replies, including, "This is my favorite friendship" and "Y'all's friendship gives me so much life." Others took note of the pair's fancy eyewear. 

Legendary shades for a legendary friendship

As you can see in Martha Stewart's photo, both celebrities have adopted a new accessory for this year's Puppy Bowl — glasses! In the caption of her post, Stewart writes, "New eyewear from @snoopdogg Gold and diamonds Fit for rappers and other stars!!"

As we know, Snoop's sunglasses have been a signature part of his look (via Designer Eyes). So of course, he had to share the look with his best friend. As noted by people People, Snoop gave Stewart a pair of flashy, bedazzled frames to wear to match his own. The difference was that Stewart's glasses were a gold color while Snoop's appeared to be silver.

You can see how fun Snoop and Stewart's dynamic is from moments like this. Just think of those friendship bracelets you passed around in grade school and upgrade them a million times. Once again, this is proof that the Snoop and Stewart friendship reigns supreme.