The Adorable Super Bowl Alternative Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg Are Hosting

As everybody knows, the Super Bowl is one of the major food holidays of the year — ok, so there's a little football watching going on in there, but apart from the fans and/or haters of the two teams involved, most of us don't have much of a stake in it. A steak, though, that we could get behind. Plus a bucket of wings, some pizza, maybe some chili or nachos, and hey, if you want to go ahead and knock yourself out building a snack stadium, we'd gladly help eat it.

Speaking of over-the-top food-related celebrations, though, you'd think Martha Stewart would be all over this thing, telling us how to host the perfect Super Bowl party complete with team-colored canapés and gilded football centerpieces. Well, not this year. Stewart's on board with a different event — looks like she and her BFF Snoop Dogg will be foregoing football festivities in favor of a fur, fur better event: Puppy Bowl XVII!

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg will be rooting for different teams

A video posted on Animal Planet's Instagram shows Stewart wearing the orange jersey of Team Ruff, while Snoop will be repping his boys (and girls) on Team Fluff. The video says the pet-loving pair will be hosting a Puppy Bowl party with all their favorite drinks and "bites" (well, maybe they'll just be nibbles). As might be imagined, the party (and Bowl) will be airing on Animal Planet and also streaming on Discovery+.

People, on the other paw, indicates that Martha and Snoop will be hosting the whole dang Puppy Bowl, joining other hoomans like Kristen Bell, Valerie Bertinelli and fellow foodie Duff Goldman, as well as Steve Levy from ESPN's Monday Night Football and Sage Steele of SportsCenter. Oh, and of course long-tern "Rufferee" Dan Schachner. The real highlight, however, will be appearances from Snoop's French bulldogs Juelz Broadus and Chalk, as well as Stwewart's Frenchies Crème Brûlée, Bête Noire and her Chow Chows Empress Qin and Emperor Han. Plus, of course, the 70 absolutely adorable (and adoptable!) shelter dogs competing for the Lombarky Trophy. Whether it's Ruff or Fluff that takes home the win, though, every dog's sure to be a winner since they'll all be going home to their new "fur-ever" families.