Starbucks Fans Need To Know About This Secret Menu Hot Chocolate

With the holiday season once again a thing of the past, many people are wishing they could fast forward through the next few months to get straight to the warm temperatures that spring and summer bring. It's not hard to understand why (who doesn't love enjoying a warm day at the beach, after all?) — though we'd like to argue that there are plenty of things to love about winter as well.

Finally getting to rock all of your cold-weather clothes is one reason to appreciate this time of year, and then, of course, there are all the delicious foods that are staples of the chillier months like soups and stews. We also can't forget to mention the quintessential wintertime beverage: hot chocolate, which a 2020 survey conducted by One Poll found was America's favorite part of the season (via Study Finds).

Packets of Swiss Miss and hot chocolate bombs make it easy to whip up a mug of the sweet-tasting drink at home, and when you're looking for some cocoa while out and about, Starbucks has you more than covered with several different versions of the beverage that are sure to make you feel cozy and warm. Per Taste of Home, there's even a way to hack your Starbucks hot chocolate to give it a classic summertime flavor when you're dreaming of warmer weather on a cold winter's night.

Give your Starbucks hot chocolate a summertime twist with this menu hack

Coffee may be the Starbucks' pride and joy, but the java giant has a pretty good hot chocolate game as well. Insider even claimed Starbucks' hot chocolate was the best when compared to versions from McDonald's, Dunkin', Panera, and Pret. "The hot chocolate was perfectly rich and tasted like thick, melted chocolate," said the outlet in their description of the drink.

In addition to the traditional kind, the chain offers four more versions of the drink like peppermint and white chocolate cocoa (via Starbucks' website). However, there is an off-menu option that may be even better: S'mores hot chocolate, that will help get you through the colder months while reminding you of summer as well.

Concocting the beverage is relatively simple, too, so hopefully, your order won't end up getting roasted on Reddit. Per Taste of Home, just ask your barista to add chestnut praline syrup to your regular hot chocolate order — with three pumps for a tall, four for a grande, and five for a venti — as well as whipped cream and mocha drizzle, and voila! You've got yourself a yummy, summer-inspired beverage to sip on all winter long.