Panda Express Has Good News For Fans Of Its $29 Family Meal Deal

As a new year begins, many people resolve to eat better, enjoy family time around the table, or even be more thoughtful with spending their money. Luckily, Panda Express has just launched its $29 family meal deal to ring in the Lunar New Year, as reported by Thrillist, and maybe it will help put all of those positive changes into focus. Featuring three entrees and two sides, the feast seems designed to make sure that no one leaves the table hungry. Some locations have already been offering the deal as a limited-time option. The only question remaining is which entrees and sides will be part of the family meal order?

Looking at the Panda Express menu, there are twelve entrees to choose from (via the Panda Express website). While a few options, like the new Black Pepper Angus Steak, are premium choices with an additional fee, other favorites are included in the $29. But whether it's the chain's famous orange chicken or the classic Kung Pao Chicken, there might be enough flavors to appeal to everyone around the table. The side options include chow mein, fried rice, and vegetables. As a complete family meal, this offer should feed around four people. Whether everyone agrees on a favorite entree or this meal deal encourages people to try something new, Panda Express has a tasty and cost-efficient option to ring in the New Year.

Is the Panda Express $29 family meal deal perfect for the Lunar New Year?

For many people, celebrating the Lunar New Year brings family and friends around the table. From distributing red envelopes at the start of the celebration to particular foods that bring good luck, the tradition is rooted in family, food, and togetherness. So the Panda Express $29 family meal is a timely order for celebration.In 2021, Andrea Cherng, Chief Brand Officer at Panda Express, spoke to QSR magazine about Panda Express' connection to the Lunar New Year: "As a family-owned business founded by Chinese immigrants, we are honored to share the significance behind Lunar New Year with our guests in new ways every year and present them with opportunities to spread renewed hope and good fortune to those around them."

Since the Luna New Year table is often filled with symbolic foods, perhaps one could even choose a meal that corresponds with them. For instance, oranges are associated with prosperity (via EatingWell), so maybe orange chicken would be a good choice.