Instagram Is Cackling Over Martha Stewart's Mood-Lit Chicken Pics

You never know what to expect when it comes to Martha Stewart's Instagram, which is a hodgepodge of pictures of everything from her cat to her mini snowplow. And in her most recent post, Stewart shared a well-lit picture of her other animals: her chickens. The celebrity chef captioned the photo, "Beautiful moody shots of my poultry by @gregyale lighting designer thanks Greg!!!!"

In the pictures, you can see just a handful of the television personality's domestic chickens and ducks. According to a 2019 article on her website, Stewart owns over 200 chickens, along with a massive number of pets from peacocks to donkeys. She keeps these beloved animals on her 153-acre farm in Bedford, New York (via House Beautiful). It's safe to say that Stewart is well-versed in caring for her birds, from whom she collects fresh eggs. Though her dogs are the ones who get to wear diamond collars, per Instagram, we're sure she must love and spoil her winged creatures, too.

Fans are going wild for the chickens

Commenters on Stewart's Instagram post are showering the chickens with both compliments and jokes. One user remarked on the photogenic qualities of Stewart's chickens, writing, "Stunning. I'd like a print of that one to frame!" Another simply said, "It's surprising how entertaining they are." Stewart described these pictures of her chickens as "moody," and it appears that the birds truly do have a dramatic flair. In the first photo, one of Stewart's roosters shows the camera its profile view with a sharp gaze. In the third picture, another chicken is huddled up, its face hidden underneath all of its feathers.

Another fan and fellow chicken owner commented, "My son and wife raise chickens. I never imagined that I could fall in love with them! Such fun birds to watch!" We're imagining Stewart scrolling through these compliments now, giving her beloved birds a little confidence boost along with their evening feed.