Jameson's New Whiskey Flavor Will Delight Fans Of Citrus Cocktails

When it comes to flavored spirits, Jameson tends to play with tried-and-true tastes. According to the company's website, Jameson has paired its spirit with tasting notes from beers and coffee but has never added in notes of spice or fruit. But all of that is about to change, as Jameson plans to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early with the launch of a new whiskey imbued with citrus.

A press release sent to Mashed from the distillery detailed Jameson's plans to launch an orange-flavored whiskey. Forbes reports that the beverage pairs a triple-distilled Irish Whiskey with orange tasting notes to create a product with a lower-than average 30% ABV. The resulting product draws on the flavors found in an Old Fashioned cocktail and has tasting notes of nuts and vanilla. The product launched in 2021 in the U.K., where it found a foothold, and Jameson plans to roll out the product across America this month with a suggested MSRP of $24.99. 

The launch of this product stateside marks a new era for the whiskey developer, as the brand continues to explore flavored spirits. Jameson's other flavored whiskeys have seen a recent spike in sales, per Forbes. The company hopes to tap into this same potential with the new orange whiskey. With the launch of the liquor just on the horizon, whiskey fans now need to break out some citrus-centric cocktail recipes to help the spirit shine.

How to drink Jameson's new whiskey

While orange and whiskey might not seem like a match made in heaven at first glance, cocktail experts have some keen ideas on how to serve up this product. Fansided suggests that cocktail enthusiasts play up the orange, pepper, and nut notes of the new whiskey and transform the beverage into a mule, which would see the spirit blended with ginger beer and lime juice — or a Boulevardier, in which Jameson Orange would meet equal parts sweet vermouth and Campari, a bitter orange apéritif. Fansided also presented a recipe for a Bow St. Smash, encouraging consumers to muddle and mix together Jameson Orange with lemon wedges, mint, and simple syrup. Looking at the suggested libations, you can see that Jameson's new offering seems best enhanced with a bit of spice and basically any kind of citrus.

Only time can tell if this new spirit catches on with whiskey drinkers. But Jameson might just find a smash hit spirit that helps everyone enjoy brighter cocktails and heralds in some warmer weather. Keep your eyes peeled for this spirit's launch soon — it might just redefine Jameson's line of Irish Whiskey.