Talenti's New Flavors Are Like Cocktails In A Jar

When Talenti arrived in the U.S. (from Argentina) in the form of a Dallas, Texas-based stand-alone gelateria in 2003, it quickly established itself as a top source for authentic, artisan-crafted gelato. (Quick refresher: Gelato is a velvety-textured intensely flavored frozen, churned dessert made from "more milk and less cream" than ice cream, per the Talenti website's FAQ.) Today, Talenti, which became a member of the Unilever product portfolio in 2014, is widely distributed and  comes in dozens of flavors. 

Some Talenti products, meanwhile, aren't gelato at all, but rather sorbetto, which Talenti explains is a 100% dairy-free frozen confection made with water, sugar, and flavoring — usually some kind of fruit, but not always. Otherwise, how would there be such things as Talenti's non-dairy Cold Brew Coffee and Dark Chocolate sorbetto flavors?

Fortunately, Talenti still has those flavors. And starting in February 2022, Talenti is introducing four all-new flavors of both its gelato and its sorbetto, per a press release from Unilever. Fans can hardly wait — two of those flavors are basically cocktails in a jar.

Talenti's new flavors are delightfully jarring

The two new Talenti flavors reminiscent of (non-alcoholic) cocktails in a jar are both considered "pairings" flavors, which means that each consists half of one flavor and half of another. Take, for example, the Strawberry Margarita flavor, which is a Sorbetto pairing. On one side, you'll find a sweet Strawberry Sorbetto. On the other, you'll find a tart Lime Sorbetto made with agave. Both sound pretty irresistible — and a lot like a margarita in a jar.

The other drink-inspired new offering is the Bourbon Fudge Brownie flavor, which pairs Belgian Chocolate gelato studded with chocolate brownie bits and dark chocolate fudge, on one side, with "a sophisticated Oak-Aged Bourbon gelato" on the other (via Unilever's press release). 

Talenti's two additional new "pairings" flavors are Salted Chocolate Churro, which pairs Belgian chocolate gelato with cinnamon gelato laced with salted caramel and churro pieces, and Caramel Pretzel Blondie, which pairs Talenti's popular sea salt caramel gelato with a "signature sweet dulce de leche and salted pretzel gelato with blondie brownie pieces. The only question that remains is which of these delights-in-a-jar to try first.