The One Food You Aren't Grilling - But Should Be

Is it grilling season yet? If you reside in a warm climate, or else you're a particularly hardy northerner who thinks nothing of firing up the grill when there's a foot of snow on the ground, then yes, grilling season is year-round. No matter when we grill, what most of us are grilling tends to fall into one category: meat. Steaks, chicken, brats, salmon, our Thanksgiving turkey... If it came from the meat department, we'll cook it over an open flame, just like we imagine our earliest ancestors might have done. (Smoked woolly mammoth rib, anyone?)

Every once in a while, we might even think to mix in a few veggies, although these usually tend to be ears of corn or shish kebab add-ons, like peppers and onions. Weber Grill Master Dustin Green would like to see us start expanding our grilling horizons, though. He recently spoke with Mashed, pointing out that nearly everything (yes, even lettuce!) can be grilled if you take proper care and mind the temperature. Green also reveals that there's one specific type of food that's often overlooked when it comes to deserving a place on the grill: fruit.

Grilled fruit makes for a great dessert

As Green tells us, "Many grillers underestimate fruits [and] desserts." He does, however, admit that certain desserts may require more advanced grilling skills to tackle. This is due to the fact that, as he says, they "require an exact temperature to be cooked properly." Grilled fruit, however, is something that should be easy enough for even a novice griller. "I like to skewer strawberries or grill watermelon wedges," Green says, but notes that his family's "all-time favorite" is grilled pineapple.

Green's recipe for grilled pineapple couldn't be much simpler. Just brush each pineapple slice with melted butter, sprinkle it with brown sugar, then grill over low heat. "The sugars caramelize and add a sweet candy-like flavor to the pineapple," he explains. Green suggests topping your grilled pineapple with a scoop of ice cream (don't try grilling this!) for a sweet creation he calls "a quick, easy grilled dessert."