Reddit Couldn't Believe This Restaurant Coke Substitution Response

It's a question we have all heard or asked before: Do you have Coke? Servers inevitably answer with one of two responses. Yes, the establishment has Coke, or, unfortunately, they don't. They may even ask if Pepsi would be a good substitute or vice versa. With a humble smile and perhaps a slight twinge of disappointment, we nod our heads and say that the substitute would be fine. Yet, as we sip our soda, we can't help but wonder, what if it wasn't fine, what if you didn't want to sit and compromise, what if you stood up, grabbed life by the lapels, and asked (or demanded) your desired drink? You wanted Pepsi, and you will settle for nothing less.

That's just how one person responded. On the Reddit subforum, "TalesFromYourServer," user Jhalpin, who was once a server, shared an incredible story. A man requested a Pepsi to start his meal, and the user politely responded that they didn't have Pepsi but had Coke instead. The man simply said nope, stood up, and left the restaurant without ordering anything. The Reddit user was shocked but noted that they wished to have as much confidence about what they wanted in life as the Pepsi-craving customer did. Other Redditors were impressed. Many recalled old memories of Pepsi commercials encouraging people to do the same; some even shared their own experiences with people who didn't want to compromise their soft drink ideals (via YouTube).

Redditors debate soft drinks

Many customers and servers on the subforum gave their opinions on the customer's steadfast determination to get his Pepsi. "I someone asked Reddit, 'what's the smallest hill you'd die on,'" said one user. "I think you found this guy's smallest hill." Another user told the story of a high school teacher's father who worked at Pepsi and would refuse to eat anywhere that had Coke products.

Another Redditor claimed that higher-up employees at Pepsi and Coke are required to not eat anywhere that serves the competitor's product. This has sometimes proven to be true — in 2003, a Coke employee was fired for drinking a Pepsi while on the clock (via CNN Money). According to UPI, there was even a report of a woman working at Coca-Cola supposedly getting fired for marrying a Pepsi employee in 1987.

Other users began to share their takes on what was the best soft drink. One person claimed that they would trust a restaurant more if they served Pepsi, while another claimed they would drink nothing before they drink Pepsi. But one user, in particular, stepped away from the Coke versus Pepsi argument and took a stand with a third party. "I just tell everyone it's RC Cola and let God sort it out," they said.