Duff Goldman Has A Tasty Solution For Leftover Donuts

Bought a box of a dozen donuts? Fresh donuts have the perfect texture, so make sure to keep your donuts fresh by storing them properly. Though leftover donuts might not be a problem for some people, pastry chef Duff Goldman has a great way to use up any donuts that might have gotten a bit hard and stale. The founder of Charm City Cakes uses donuts as the base for bread pudding, giving both desserts a new twist, and he demonstrates how to make it in a Food Network Kitchen video on Twitter. As Simply Recipes explains, bread pudding is a dessert typically made from stale bread, so Goldman's trick is intriguing.

In the comments of Goldman's Twitter post, one person said, "I'm not familiar with 'leftover donuts,' " and we're also surprised that anyone would leave donuts unfinished! This is something Goldman even addresses in his video. Early on, he emphasizes that this is in the "off-chance" that you have leftover donuts. But after seeing the results, we're willing to wait a few days for this delicious dish.

How to make Duff Goldman's donut bread pudding

To get the step-by-step breakdown and a video tutorial of how to make Goldman's donut bread pudding, you can head over to the Twitter post where he demonstrates his method. But the recipe, as shared by Food Network, is fairly simple. Goldman starts with leftover cake donuts. You'll want to cut the donuts into small chunks, then let them sit out overnight so they'll get more stale. While stale donuts don't sound tasty, the next steps transform them into something delicious.

The next day, you'll want to make your custard by mixing together whole milk, vanilla extract, salt, sugar, and eggs. Then, pour the mixture over the donut pieces and let rest for 10 minutes. Mix some softened unsalted butter and brown sugar, and add this topping on your donuts before putting it all in the oven. Goldman enjoys this with ice cream, but we imagine that some homemade whipped cream would also be a wonderful addition.

If you don't have any donuts or refuse to let them go stale, don't worry. You can still make a delicious five-ingredient bread pudding with chocolate chip brioche bread.