Liam Hemsworth Had 3 Birthday Cakes This Year

Birthdays only come around once a year, so when the calendar finally flips to your own special day, it's only right that the proper celebration ensues. Earlier this week, it was Liam Hemsworth's turn to be the birthday boy. The "Hunger Games" actor turned the big 3-2 on Thursday, January 13, and, based on a recent post on his Instagram page, it certainly seems like it was a good one for the star.

Taking to his account on Thursday, the Aussie shared a short video clip in which he thanked his friends, family, and fans for all the love he had received. "Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! Love you all!" he wrote in the caption of the post. In addition to the selfie-style recording, Hemsworth uploaded a photo that revealed to his followers that he was celebrating his big day with cake – and lots of it. The snap saw him crouching down in front of a white table cloth-covered coffee table that held not one, but three different birthday cakes, which the actor gazed at with a look of pure excitement on his face.

"These cakes that I also got sent should really help on my health and fitness journey!" he said of the baked goods. And while we're sure that was meant in jest, if anybody knows of a health regimen that promotes regularly eating three birthday cakes, our inboxes are open.

Liam Hemsworth's birthday spread had more than just cake

It's fairly standard to celebrate birthdays with a yummy, frosting-covered cake, but after seeing Liam Hemsworth's spread of birthday confections, we think there needs to be a new standard. As seen in a post shared on his Instagram page this week, the star was given three different cakes to commemorate the start of his 32nd spin around the sun, as well as a trio of drool-worthy donuts, but that's not all. Another photo shared by the actor's older brother, Chris Hemsworth, revealed that chocolate-covered strawberries and a box of Harry Potter-inspired jelly beans were also a part of his sibling's birthday celebration (via Instagram).

Of course, consuming that much sugar on a regular basis isn't exactly nutritious, but even Hemsworth knows it's good to treat yourself every once in a while. Though the actor keeps a fairly strict fitness and diet regimen, he has also told Men's Health that he enjoys a few "cheat days" every once in a while. Given the assortment of sweets he received earlier this week, it's likely that his birthday was one of them. However, Chris was gracious enough to offer him a family discount on his fitness training app to help the youngest Hemsworth brother get back on track. "To help with your transformation I'm gonna gift you 10% off a @centrfit membership," the Marvel star joked on Instagram. Hey, it's the thought that counts.