Aldi's Stuffed Chicken Dinners Are Becoming A Staple For Some Shoppers

Figuring out an easy, inexpensive weeknight meal that actually tastes good can feel like hitting the lottery! If we had a dollar for every time we've Googled "quick, cheap dinner recipe" we might even be in a good enough spot financially to stop the endless search for simple, budget-friendly meal solutions. But, what fun would that be? 

Discount grocery chain Aldi is somewhat famous here and abroad for helping shoppers keep their grocery budgets low. Per the Nottingham Post, last year, the results of a YouGov poll even indicated that the chain was the U.K.'s most popular grocery store. And the Independent reported that Aldi was the U.K.'s "supermarket of the year," according to the results of a Which? survey. 

One Instagram page, The Amazing Aldi, bills itself as the "The original Aldi IG fan page" and makes it a habit to post interesting finds from the cost-conscious grocery chain in order to "get you to love it too!" Judging by the responses on a recent post featuring a product from the frozen food department, it would appear Aldi has no shortage of fans, and they know a good thing when they see one. 

Aldi shoppers can't get enough of Kirkwood stuffed chicken breasts

When The Amazing Aldi posted an image on Instagram of two packages of raw stuffed chicken breasts found at Aldi, followers were eager to weigh in with their experiences with the food item. "I LOVE THESE! I look for them every week waiting for the restock and buy as many as will fit in my freezer," responded one enthusiastic commenter. Another follower and frequent Aldi shopper wrote in "Buy them every week. Cook them every week! We LOVEEEEEE them!" One helpful person even gave other Instagrammers a quick tip, by writing "They are amazing in the air fryer!!!"

The post shows two different flavors of the Kirkwood unbreaded, raw, stuffed chicken breast: Pepper Jack, Swiss Cheese & Bacon, and Cordon Bleu, which contains Swiss cheese and ham. From the image, it appears both varieties contain two 5-ounce portions. Some followers had a clear favorite, including one who wrote, "The pepper jack is a staple at our house!" Another responded similarly, "They are excellent! Love the pepper jack ones more, but I like the bit of spice." But at least one had a more impartial opinion — "I've tried both. We love them in our house!" With so much positive feedback, we'd be happy to try either!