Reddit's Got Jokes About This 'Rare' Chicken Sandwich From Wendy's

When we order from a fast food restaurant, we're looking for comfort food like hamburgers, French fries, and chicken nuggets. We're generally not expecting five-star cuisine. What we are expecting, however, is for our food to be cooked properly. Unfortunately, there have been instances when food served at fast food joints wasn't fried or grilled long enough, sometimes resulting in unappetizing raw products. Take one mother, for example, whose daughter thought her chicken from Burger King was "juicy" and turned it away after a few bites (via BabyCenter). Upon inspection, the woman found her child's chicken was completely uncooked on the inside. 

It's not just off-putting when your food is undercooked — it can be downright dangerous. In the infamous E. coli outbreak of 1993, 700 people got sick and four people died in the incident that was traced back to Jack in the Box restaurants where hamburgers weren't being cooked to the necessary 155 degrees because it made the meat 'too tough' (via Food Safety News). Looks like Wendy's might be the next restaurant with some explaining to do, as one customer claims their Asiago chicken sandwich was served rare.

'Rare' is less than desirable for this Wendy's diner

The Wendy's customer posted a photo of the allegedly undercooked sandwich on Reddit. The chicken patty appears to be less than fully cooked through, and the post says, "I prefer my Asiago chicken sandwiches to be well done. This location only serves rare." Fellow Redditors took to the comments with advice, with some voicing how gross the chicken appeared and others encouraging the user to return to the restaurant and speak with the manager. 

Other Reddit users, however, found the situation humorous, such as one who commented, "Just put some feathers on and it will start running around in the free-range farm," and another who wrote, "Your location much [sic] think they are take and bake." A third chimed in with another funny comment, joking about what the manager might say when the customer returned with their complaint. They wrote, "Sooooorry there was a long line and we only got 1 person in the kitchen. You want another one?" All jokes aside, this might be comparable to the biggest flops in Wendy's history.