Why Wolfgang Puck Thinks This Simple Dish Is The Most Complicated To Make

Wolfgang Puck is a culinary legend and as his restaurant empire continues to build his massive net worth, he's taking over the wold of TikTok with helpful tips and recipes for the hundreds of thousands of cooking fans who follow him. In fact, his latest video went viral, with over 500,000 views and 40,000 likes.

The chef was asked one simple question, "From one chef to another, what is your most simple but complex dish to make?" Puck's answer may surprise you, as this simple dish is an everyday staple and consistently overlooked. The chef connoisseur said scrambled eggs

 You may be asking, "But this is such an easy breakfast, why is it complicated?" Well, according to Puck's TikTok, in order to get the texture right, you have to cook the eggs really slowly and add a little fresh butter. He then explained that doing this will make the meal creamy and enhance the wonderful flavor.

TikTok was in complete agreement with Wolfgang Puck

Several commenters were not entirely shocked by this answer. In fact, commenter @ricky_recon1 said, "I've heard they test chefs by making eggs" (via TikTok). The responses from former culinary students agreed, as @katerudasill said, "Very true! We studied eggs...just eggs...for 6 weeks in culinary school. Final exam for that class – scrambled eggs."

Wolfgang followed up his viral video after being asked if he seasons eggs before or after the eggs already. The famous chef explained that he seasons them before [while they are cooking] so that he doesn't forget to do it when the food is ready.

If you are wondering what Puck's favorite garnish for scrambled eggs is, he answered that too. White truffles are the chef's favorite secret ingredient. Although, we might have to stick to salt and pepper in our morning rush. Who knew scrambled eggs were more complicated than we thought! Next time, butter and low heat is a breakfast must.