This New Sam's Club Product Will Delight Fans Of Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Do you shop at Sam's Club, love chicken lettuce wraps, but hate all the prep work? Rejoice! The price club is now stocking a delicious new product that takes 99% of the effort out of this tasty, relatively healthy meal.

Per a press release provided to Mashed, On The Street Foods Seasoned Chicken For Lettuce Wraps comes in a 36 oz package, and is billed as "very similar to the chicken that is put in those restaurant style lettuce wraps everyone loves." It's made with chicken, water chestnuts, green onions, shiitake mushrooms and a "tangy stir fry sauce." It also comes with an Asian dipping sauce with a "hint of spicy flavor" designed to complement the ingredients, according to Sam's Club.

The press release is quick to point out that lettuce is actually optional — "all you have to do is pair it with your dipping vehicle of choice ... it could be a flat bread, tortilla, rice, or noodles." If we weren't intrigued before, we definitely are now. Who doesn't love a good dipping vehicle, right?

More details on this seasoned chicken

This addition to the Sam's Club repertoire is likely to be a smashing success, as many people enjoy lettuce wraps in restaurants either as appetizers or entrees. They're also a popular choice among people who are trying to limit their carbohydrates.

Per the press release, On The Street Foods Seasoned Chicken For Lettuce Wraps retails for $11.98, and is available in-store or via grocery delivery. According to Sam's Club, It comes in two 16-oz packages, for a total of 36 ounces or 2.25 lbs. That's a lot of chicken to eat in one sitting, so the separate packs make it easy to enjoy one and store the other. Be sure to keep it refrigerated, or frozen, if necessary.

Since the chicken is fully cooked, it only needs to be heated up for three to five minutes. Then top those noodles or roll it up in lettuce leaves, and enjoy!