Dairy Queen Just Brought Back This Fan-Favorite Oreo Blizzard

If you're suffering from a case of the winter blues, you probably aren't in the mood to hear about a blizzard — unless, of course, it's a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Ever since these frozen treats were introduced in 1985, Blizzards have become a staple of the DQ menu. While they're not made with true ice cream (because of the low amount of butterfat in Dairy Queen's soft serve, explains the website), the dairy-based dessert is sweet enough to be classified as a pretty cool treat nonetheless. Blizzards come in a range of flavors, from Oreo to Reese's Pieces to caramel brownie, which are all solid choices to enjoy after a chicken tender basket. Even better: One Blizzard flavor is making a comeback for a limited time, per Chew Boom, and it's guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

The Oreo mocha fudge Blizzard, according to the Dairy Queen menu, combines bits of Oreo cookies, chunks of chocolate, and a touch of coffee with soft serve to create a very thick and highly sugary ice cream treat. For fans who are wary of mocha flavors, a review from The Impulsive Buy says the coffee imbues only a subtle taste to the beverage, in which chocolate is the dominant note. Still, let's say you're not a fan of coffee, chocolate, and Oreos blended together. Are there any other wild and impressive Blizzard flavors that can stand up to Oreo mocha fudge?

Oreo mocha fudge has nothing on these inventive Blizzard flavors

Per a review of Dairy Queen's Oreo mocha fudge Blizzard by The Impulsive Buy, the chocolate-coffee beverage shows a lack of ingenuity by the chain's flavor inventors — partly because the drink is not new, but returning. If you find yourself unexcited by the flavor combination, know that Dairy Queen has dreamed up some pretty out-of-the-box desserts in the past. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, for example, the chain released the Zero Gravity Blizzard with Oreos, sparkling blue syrup, cotton candy, and moon and star-shaped sprinkles to evoke the galaxy (via Taste of Home).

Perhaps the only thing more limitless than space, however, is the human imagination. On Reddit, Dairy Queen employees shared the "weirdest" Blizzard requests they had ever gotten. One worker described trying to blend a Blizzard composed of chocolate, pineapple, and peanut butter, as well as an incredibly thick concoction consisting of nine scoops each of cookie dough and Reese's. Another remembered serving a cotton candy Blizzard with chocolate ice cream and peanut butter cups. Most memorable of all was a woman who requested a Blizzard with waffles, peanut butter, bacon, and syrup, forking over $10 every time she ordered the creative shake.