Batman Fans Need To Know About These Limited-Edition Oreos

Remember when Oreo made a "Game of Thrones" promo video? Well, the famous cookie brand may just have one-upped itself with yet another dramatic crossover video featuring Oreos and pop culture. This time, it's in a launch film for the new limited-edition "The Batman"-themed Oreos. In the ad, available on YouTube, "two icons unite" as action-movie music plays and the camera pans over a spread of Oreos, Batman's silhouette etched into the cookies' surfaces.

If you're an Oreo fan (or are just really excited to celebrate the upcoming Batman film starring Robert Pattinson), don't get too excited just yet: In a press release shared with GeekTyrant, Oreo revealed that the cinematic cookies will be available only in "select markets around the world (excluding the U.S.)." Delish reports that one of these markets is Canada, adding that Oreo customers who can solve the riddles included on the special cookies' packaging will win an exclusive peek at "The Batman" before it debuts in theaters on March 4. Why riddles? The puzzle theme is a nod to the movie's villain, The Riddler, and is a way to combine the darkness of Batman with the "playful" nature of Oreos, according to the marketing firm behind the promotion (via Opentapes).

Fans are known to love Oreo's collaborations

Of course, some Batman fans might think that the real riddle behind these Oreos is how to get them in the United States. Limited-edition Oreo collaborations have been known to be a hot commodity all over the world. When the cookie brand released a Pokémon collection, for example, some people resold the "rare" treats online for as much as $15,100 per cookie (via The Sun). That's a pretty significant markup.

This "The Batman" Oreo promotion doesn't seem to have the same "collect-them-all" angle, though time will tell how far fans are willing to go to get their hands on these movie-magic cookies — as well as the sweepstakes prizes that come with them, per GeekTyrant. If you'd rather not pay the big bucks to buy the cookies online from a reseller (or fly into a country where they're sold), you'll just have to hold onto hope that another brand will dream up a signature treat for the premiere of "The Batman."