Costco Fans Swear By These Bakery-Favorite Cookies

Most people would likely agree that homemade cookies are far superior to grocery store cookies. No hate intended, but store-bought baked goods simply can't compete with a made-from-scratch cookie's fresh out-of-the-oven taste. With that being said, the store-bought version can still satisfy when you want milk and cookies but don't have time for a baking project. When a cookie craving calls, some folks reach for Oreos — being milk's favorite cookie — while others put their faith in Lofthouse, which makes those soft sugar cookies with the cake-like layer of frosting. But for Costco members, one cookie has all other grocery store selections beat.

Known as St. Michel La Grande Galette French butter cookies, these treats are products of France and are made with French butter and sea salt. A Google search shows that they're available from retailers such as Amazon and Walmart, but some fans evidently prefer to buy them from in bulk at the warehouse grocery chain, Costco. Reddit users on the r/Costco forum couldn't help but sing the praises of this lesser-known dessert. 

Costco Redditors say there's a lot to love about St. Michel's cookies

What does Reddit have to say about these buttery goodies? "French Butter Cookies. Some of the best storebought cookies I've ever had!" read high praise from u/Darwin343, which was met with nearly unanimous agreement by fellow Redditors. Some shared fond memories of their family "destroying" an entire box of the cookies over the holidays, while others admitted to enjoying "way too many" of them with hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. As for how they taste, u/divinebaboon likened them to a "fancier, saltier" version of Pepperidge Farm Chessmen butter cookies.

The St. Michel cookies are even approved by people who have been to France: U/FickleStrawberry said they ate the treats while on a high school trip to the country and was overjoyed to see them again at Costco, while another remembered eating them with their French hotel's coffee service. A different user claimed that fans of these butter cookies should try a "next level" version called Palets de Pont-Aven, which "will just make your taste buds go 'wow.'"