Alex Guarnaschelli Just Defended Chopped After Fans Called Out This Kitchen 'Issue'

"Chopped" is a unique viewing experience. The worst dishes can seem a bit unappetizing for a food show — the key ingredients the contestants must use are often infuriatingly difficult to create dishes from, especially if the chefs are not familiar with them. Nevertheless, according to Ted Allen in a Food Network feature, the television program remains a popular staple in homes due to its "fantastic panel of amazing chefs who serve as our judges," as well the exciting challenge it presents for contestants even with simple competition rules. 

But it is not without its flaws either. Fans and judges alike are put off when contestant chefs describe their dish as "deconstructed" so it appears fancier or better thought out, and are not fooled by this codeword (via Twitter). Some viewers on Reddit have complained about the added emotional element. They can't stand this aspect because they feel it takes the focus away from the food and makes them root for contestants based on their backstory instead. Now, fans are complaining about one kitchen "issue" on Twitter and Alex Guarnaschelli chimed in to defend the show.

The fight for the fryer

Alex Guarnaschelli jumped in to defend the production team when a fan aired a grievance on Twitter. They wrote, "I just wanted to ask you a question again. Why is there only one fryer on Chopped? Does not make sense to me!" Guarnaschelli was quick to explain why there is only one deep fryer and wrote, "It's Chopped. It's a competition! It's not a country club!" In the spirit of competition and making things more exciting, it actually makes sense to have less to work with and give the contestants first come, first serve odds. 

The show did revamp its set in 2021, and fans have had some notes on set choices since then. The new factory space offers a bigger platform for chefs to cook in, which fans really love, even if it may only be temporary. And it does beg the question, if they were able to revamp the set location, can a kitchen item remodel or restocking be in the future too?