Reddit Can't Stand This Aspect Of Chopped

As a popular competitive cooking show, "Chopped" does seem to have a winning formula. According to Thrillist, it's not easy to finish working on the show's episodes. The team needs around 12 hours to finish one episode, which means that participants need to be mentally prepared for a really long day. The judges like to be really thorough and can spend as long as 90 minutes to make their decisions after a particular round. 

Additionally, one of the most important aspects of the show, the mystery basket, is filled with secret ingredients that participants have to work with. And yes, it is always a surprise for the participants. They're never made aware of what is in the basket until it's actually time for the cooking challenge. Brutal but true!

While the show has definitely managed to please its viewers for several years, Redditors have one major complaint from "Chopped" that they can't ignore.

They can't bear how emotional it is

A Redditor pointed out that for them, "Chopped" used to be a really great show. They wrote, "I loved the mystery concept of it, the inventiveness the chefs would have to use to conquer the crazy baskets." However, they are now extremely tired of hearing tragic stories from the lives of so many contestants on the show. They said that they're more intrigued by the food and don't want elaborate stories to be accompanying the dishes on the show.

They're not the only one with this sentiment. A viewer wrote about how the show's judges never actually think about a contestant's background when they decide their fate on "Chopped." Someone else said that they don't think this is restricted to just "Chopped" — and that they've noticed this trend on other reality shows as well, which has discouraged them from watching more shows. They wrote, "they all drum up sob stories for ratings and sympathy."