This DoorDasher's Chick-Fil-A Confession Has TikTok Seeing Red

As a food delivery app that has become a popular option for customers looking to order food items from some of their favorite restaurants, DoorDash is no stranger to controversy. In 2019, the company was forced to alter its tipping model after customers lashed out at DoorDash for using tips "to subsidize its payments to delivery workers" instead of giving them better wages, according to The New York Times.

The company's website now informs its customers that "100% of tips are passed onto the Dasher. You will be invoiced at the end of the month for the delivery tips that the customers left for each order or if you are paying by credit card, you will be charged for the tip at the time the order is submitted in the Drive Portal." 

On that note, one DoorDash delivery driver isn't too happy with customers who don't add tips and has put up a controversial TikTok video, implying that those who choose not to tip have to wait for long periods to receive their food orders. This hasn't gone down well with many viewers.

The viral DoorDash TikTok a polarizing video

The self-identified Doordash driver who goes by the username "drivingaddict1" on TikTok posted a video clip from a Chick-fil-A store and wrote a simple statement that caused outrage among many viewers. It read, "Non Tippers orders sit there forever." 

An unimpressed viewer expressed gratitude for the fact that they own a car and don't have to rely on apps like DoorDash. The commenter added, "This is getting out of hand with demands for tips." Several others added that tipping is meant for excellent service and people shouldn't feel "entitled to tips." Another TikTok user added, "lol so much entitlement for something that's optional."

Some people, however, offered an alternate perspective and said that delivery apps are meant for the privileged and that if customers don't want to add tips, they should pick up their orders on their own, rather than using delivery services.

Is the gratuity system flawed?

Part of the issue here is that with a DoorDash contribution of $2-$10 per order, drivers are often working for tips and rely on them to cover not only the majority of their salary, but working expenses, too. "Delivery drivers out here using their personal car, paying for gas, insurance, and risk damage driving all day, at least tip or get it yourself," explained one TikToker in the comments. 

Another reason this issue may be arising is because of the way the system is designed. Another TikToker took to the comments section to note that the DoorDash gratuity module isn't traditional, as drivers are able to deduce the gratuity payment before agreeing to the service, which is the opposite in restaurant settings, which the user thinks is a good thing. "The tip should be given before the service as it encourages the driver to be more cautious and caring." Others agreed, including one user who commented, "Very well said!!!" and another who wrote, "best comment!" 

A final TikToker, however, isn't buying it and sees things differently. "Take that up with the job you applied to and got hired for, not the customers. Tipping is not mandatory," they wrote.

What happens if you don't tip?

What happens when a delivery app order goes through to the driver without a tip? Driver Kate, who didn't disclose which service they work for, told Houston news network KHOU 11, "If I see an order coming through that has no tip on it, I will decline that order. It will be offered to the next closest person, and then that person can choose to take it or decline it." Another TikTok commenter, presumably also a delivery driver, seems to have the same policy. "Yup. And I will forever decline no/low tip offers every time, I don't care how far it's going. Enjoy your cold food."

So, if you do decide to leave a tip for a DoorDash driver, how much should you tip? USA Today spoke with etiquette expert Diane Gottsman, who said, "They are working for gratuity as well. That is part of their livelihood, and I think we should tip politely and appropriately," or 20% or at least $5. Bustle stated that a recent study by US Foods found that both delivery app drivers and customers considered $4 to be fair gratuity, to be altered depending upon external factors like weather conditions. 

Ultimately, it's your decision whether you're going to tip or how much, but delivery app drivers retain the power. "You can be smug all you want ... but at the end of the day, your food is either [going to] be cold or not delivered," commented one TikToker.