7-Eleven's New App Just Made Online Delivery Cheaper

It's only been a few years since 7-Eleven launched its delivery app, called 7NOW, in 2018, and it's already getting a major upgrade. If you aren't familiar with 7NOW, you're seriously missing out. The app not only offers exclusive food and drink perks and discounts for users, but has a fuel loyalty savings program too (via Apple Store), which saves drivers some serious coin at the gas pump. And given how fast gas prices are climbing nowadays, that alone is an offer you'd be crazy to pass up. 

Similar to other shop-and-earn rewards programs, 7NOW grants users 2x the rewards points every time the app barcode is scanned, 5x the points when the 7-Eleven contactless wallet feature is used, and 10x points when an order is placed directly within the app. If you use the Starbucks app, this system probably sounds very familiar. Points then accumulate and can be used to score free food and drinks from the store. 

Albeit, that's not even the best part. Whether you need snacks for the big game, drinks for happy hour, or lunch for the office, 7NOW guarantees speedy delivery in about 30 minutes. The chain has more than 3,000 items available for delivery, including health essentials, home goods, and more, all of which are pretty much necessities in today's climate. Plus, 7-Eleven signature items like Slurpees and Big Gulp drinks are included as well. So, how can the 7NOW app get any better than that? Free delivery, that's how.

The 7NOW Gold Pass makes the store's rapid delivery free

With the introduction of their new subscription delivery service, available within the convenience store's app, 7-Eleven is truly standing out from competitors. Called 7NOW Gold Pass, it costs just $5.95 a month, and allows subscribers to get free rapid delivery (with no purchase minimum required) plus benefits on most monthly purchases on tons of 7-Eleven products, according to a press release shared on PR Newswire. In addition to free delivery, subscribers will also have the opportunity to score free items as well as double reward points.

With each Gold Pass delivery purchase, users earn double the amount of rewards, making it easier and faster to reach those precious freebies and discounts. If your mobile order totals $10 or more, you will also be prompted with an automatic free promotion, which, dear 7-Eleven fanatics, can be used for items like a small Slurpee on the house! While you may not feel inclined to sign up for yet another subscription delivery service, the press release points out that the 7NOW Gold Pass basically pays for itself after just three orders. If you're still on the fence, 7-Eleven is offering a free 14-day trial to see if it's right for you.

To download the 7NOW app, head to 7NOW.com, the App Store or Google Play.