How To Use TikTok's Trendy Vintage French Butter Bell Crock

TikTok food videos have transformed many people's cooking habits. From whipped coffee to baked feta, several people have jumped on the bandwagon of food trends to savor that must-have bite. Pasta chips might have had everyone discovering another use for their air fryer, but the vintage French butter bell crock might be the toast saver that needs to become the next kitchen essential.

For people who like butter on their toast, hard, cold butter can have some people crumbling in despair. While hopeful that the pat of butter will melt when it hits the warm toast, the inability to spread often leads to broken bread. A spreadable butter, like what is found in a butter bell crock, seems like a tastier solution.

According to, 16th century foodies created a "bell-shaped storage crock," which kept butter from spoiling. As refrigeration became more prevalent, many homes replaced the crock method with storing butter in cold temperatures. However, that storage method takes away the spreadability factor, which many people prefer. Now via TikTok, more people are taking a step back into time and discovering the benefits of using a beurrier.

What are the benefits of using a French butter bell crock?

While TikTok might have rediscovered this classic kitchen gadget, the French butter bell crock is a relatively simple idea. Many home cooks want spreadable butter, but want a viable storage method. Although there are various brands on the market, the basic premise of the product remains the same. As explains, cool water in the outer ceramic container helps create a seal. This not only helps keep the butter spreadable, but also prevents bacterial growth. In turn, countertop butter storage provides a more usable product without fear of food spoilage.

Although the French butter bell crock has kitchen functionality, it can also be a decorative item. Since it does sit on a counter, many people coordinate it with their kitchen decor. From sleek modern designs to more traditional ones, that crock could be a conversation piece as much as the backsplash behind the stove. In some ways, the resurgence of the popularity of the butter crock may not just be about functionality. There could be a little love spread for the return of vintage kitchen essentials.