Aldi Fans Are Freaking Out Over These Strawberry And Caramel Whipped Creams

This Aldi product might go quickly, at least judging by how excited fans are over the newly stocked Friendly Farms canned whipped cream. The situation is further hampered by how it has been featured by three Instagram accounts dedicated to unearthing great products at the store: Aldi Made Me Do It, Adventures in Aldi, and Aldi Favorite Finds. "ALDI keeps whipping up more whipped topping flavors!" the last of the three exclaimed, showing off the newly shelved strawberry and caramel flavors. These are in addition to the previous flavors of chocolate, pumpkin spice, and peppermint mocha that were still stocked in the store.

Inevitably, all three ended their fluff description with the same type of question: "Which flavor speaks to you?!" The answers across the posts broadly gave positive responses. "I got both [strawberry and caramel]," some stated. "Obsessed with them all, except the strawberry," another began, "but only because I have yet to get my hands on it!!" "The caramel was sold out immediately at two stores near me," a third reported. The main negatives came from people who never seem able to find the featured products in their own Aldi.

Obsessed with convenience

For some, a can of whipped cream is a strange beast. After all, making some whipped cream yourself is not particularly difficult. You just need heavy whipping cream or, if you follow the recipe Alton Brown shared on the Food Network, cream and sugar. The Kitchn explains that the act of whipping creates air bubbles within the cream, giving it an airy texture. Further whipping strips the membrane from fat, allowing it to glob onto the air bubbles, which produces that decadent balance.

However, what Friendly Farms Whipped Cream has is standardization and ease of preparation. As The Spruce Eats writes, canned whipped cream beats out traditional whipped cream for many because all you have to do is shake the can and allow the nitrous oxide contained within to whip the cream for you. Furthermore, it will always be the same in taste and texture. And lastly, as Gizmodo points out, nitrous oxide kills bacteria. Such modern conveniences may also fuel the mass buying of the newer whipped cream flavors at Aldi.