Sweethearts' Valentine's Day Messages Are Just What 2022 Needs

When you want to send a sweet message this Valentine's Day, there are ton of candies at your disposal that can get the job done like White Cheesecake M&M's, Andes 'Mint To Be Together' candy box, and even Sour Patch Kids candy hearts (per Delish). While any of these sweet treats could do the trick, none feels as ubiquitous as Sweethearts Conversation Hearts during the Valentine's Day season. According to CNBC, this heart-shaped candy has experienced some turbulence in recent years, like not making it to shelves in 2019 due to a change in ownership (moving to Spangler from Necco after the latter went out of business), and a slightly different taste in 2020 after Spangler couldn't initially find the recipe.  

Not everyone loved the Necco kind any way – Grubstreet reported that the earlier version of the candy received very little love and many refused the candy outright — but now, another new revamp is winning over the next generation of candy fans. According to The Takeout, this iconic treat has ditched some of its classic love-centered candy messages in favor of more wholesome words of encouragement. These new messages emphasize friendship over declarations of love, and will likely be well-received by anyone who has had a rough pandemic.

The newest Sweethearts are all about the messaging

Sweethearts are back in action in 2022, just in time for Valentine's Day, featuring the traditional flavors of wintergreen, orange, lemon-lime, blueberry, banana, grape, and cherry in every package. But what will be different this year, as The Takeout reports, is the messaging on each piece. While the candy hasn't gotten rid of every lovey-dovey saying like "Be Mine" or "Hug Me," you can also expect to see new messages like "Way 2 Go," "Crush It" and "High Five" in the mix. It's all part of Spangler's mission to provide "words of encouragement."

Toning down the romance means these treats are perfect for anyone who wants to send out some platonic messages on and around February 14, or anyone that just wants a less-aggressive candy in general. This bold new look may also help redefine the confection for a whole new generation who focuses on inclusivity and could erase previous memories of Necco-era Sweethearts. As the company said in a statement picked up by The Takeout, "The 2022 theme aims to show recipients just how special they are, give their spirits a lift, and say a special thank you to anyone who helped them do and become their best — from teachers, mentors, and coaches, to family, friends, teammates, and countless other difference-makers."