Wendy's Fans Are Impressed With This US-Shaped Chicken Nugget

There is a long and storied history of people finding signs and portents – or at least surprising shapes – in their foods. One of the first to gain national attention, according to Eater, was a tortilla that a New Mexico woman baked back in the 70s which people perceived as having the face of Jesus. More recently, people have achieved temporary fame and occasional fortune via such "miracles" as a Jesus-shaped Cheeto (via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch), a grilled cheese sandwich apparently depicting the Virgin Mary (via ABC News), and, on a more secular note, a Cheeto said to resemble the late zoo gorilla-turned-meme, Harambe. CNBC says this last-named nugget sold on eBay for nearly $100,000. A girl in Australia even got $20,000 from Doritos for finding an unusually puffy chip.

Imagine, then, the excitement of a Wendy's worker who found a chicken nugget that was (more or less) shaped like the United States. They did what anyone would do in such an instance and took to social media - Reddit, in this case – to post an image. Needless to say, Redditors found the patriotic nugget to be most intriguing.

This nugget's moment of fame may have been short-lived

Comments, for the most part, urged the Redditor to list this nugget on eBay immediately, with one person advising, "list i[t] for a couple thousand" and insisting "someone will buy it trust me." Another speculated that the OP was "Boutta make easy money." Alas, it was not to be since the Wendy's worker later updated the post by commenting, "MY COWORKER SOLD IT [angry emoticon] I even put it in a separate box in the back of the warmer and they still sold it [disapproving emoticon]."

So did this poor poster miss their chance to retire from Wendy's to live in luxury? Ehh, maybe not. At the time of writing, eBay currently lists Wendy's chicken nuggets shaped like Mickey Mouse, Nemo (or any random fish), a heart, and a character from "Among Us," among others. They have starting prices ranging from 99 cents to $9,000, but as of this writing, there's not a single bid on any of them. It seems that the road to riches may not be paved with gold (chicken) nuggets, after all. While the unknown purchaser of this All-American morsel of deep-fried goodness may not have earned a fortune, or even a halfway decent geography lesson (according to the photo, Florida appears to be deep in the heart of Texas), they undoubtedly enjoyed a hot and tasty treat.