Tess Holliday Ate Her First McDonald's Big Mac To Troll Haters

It's no news that the Internet can sometimes be a dark place where celebrities find themselves at the receiving end of hate from users. Selena Gomez, for example, confessed that the negative comments she got about her body — after surgery and being diagnosed with lupus — took a great toll on her mental health and prompted her to take a brief hiatus from all social media platforms (via Shape). Rebel Wilson and Adele have both spoken out about getting unnecessary attention after they lost weight (via USA Today). Wilson even pointed out to the Daily Telegraph that people spoke more about her weight loss than her recent films, which included one that was nominated for an Oscar and two movies that she produced. 

Tess Holliday's recent video shared on Instagram shows that the world has a long way to go still. In the post, the model and body positivity activist spoke out about the constant body-shaming comments that she gets on social media. Holliday explained in the caption, "Me and my bestie @alyssamarieartistry get this comment all the time 'ALL U DO IS EAT BIG MACS.'" In fact, the video directly replied to a comment telling her to "lay off the Big Macs for a few." As it turns out, Tess Holliday had never actually eaten a Big Mac before. So instead of "laying off" of the iconic burger, she did just the opposite. And Instagram was all for it.

Tess Holliday claps back with a Big Mac

In the Instagram video, Tess Holliday's friend Alyssa joked that Holliday is "the worst fat person in the world because she has not eaten so many staple fat foods." To change that, they went ahead and ordered "$80 worth of McDonald's food" — including Big Macs. Holliday facetiously remarked that while Big Macs were messy, she would "100% eat these every day like the internet says." She added that she couldn't believe that she had never eaten them before. 

In addition to sharing her reaction to the burger, Holliday addressed haters in her caption. She said her Big Mac clap-back was "just further proof that plus-size folks stay winning bc if there's one thing we are good at it's turning trauma into comedy." Fans in the comments section rained praise for the priceless way in which Holliday dealt with the negativity aimed at her. "Bahaha I love seeing you make the people who make these comments feel stupid af," wrote one user. More praised Holliday for the message she was sending. As one person put it, "This is the best. And thank you for breaking unhealthy stereo types about all bodies." All-in-all, it seems that users are glad that Big Mac now has one more fan.