This Is The Best Food City In The World, Tripadvisor Says

In 2010, Julia Roberts effectively showed the world that the best way to deal with a divorce and a midlife crisis was to pack your bags and jet-set across three countries in the world (via IMDb). "Eat, Pray, Love" was proof enough that the best place to start in times of trouble was with food. What better way to do so than by trapezing through Italy with gelatos in hand, eating one too many pizzas while sipping on espresso and wine?

Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards 2022 indicates that "Eat, Pray, Love" may have inspired many travelers to love eating in Italy. The best place to eat in the world, according to a press release announcing the awards, happens to be none other than the capital city of Italy — Rome! Deemed to be the "Best of the Best Destinations for Food Lovers," the site says that Rome is the best city in the world to eat whether you're craving gelatos, espressos, and pasta or you have a hankering for fried artichokes and oxtail stews.

What is the food like in Rome?

Tripadvisor has announced that Rome tops the list of destinations for food lovers in the 2022 Traveler's Choice Awards. In fact, food is such an important part of visiting Rome that there are innumerable food tours dedicated to helping tourists see Rome through the city's grub (via Tripadvisor).

Per Eater, the food in Rome is relatively cheap and simple while still packing in the flavor of produce that is in season. Black pepper, bitter greens, pecorino, and offal are at the center of Roman cuisine and so, cacio e pepe, tripe, and all sorts of fried vegetables are a specialty of the city. Roman pizza also greatly differs from its Italian counterparts like Neopolitan, and is thin, crispy, and often comes in a rectangular shape. To taste all that the city has to offer, it's common for a meal in Rome to be divided into five courses starting with cured meats or marinated veggies for antipasto, pasta for primo, meat for secondo, and dessert for dolce. The meal is finished off with a coffee and then a digestif liqueur such as limoncello.

While Rome is the best destination in the world when it comes to food, a trip to the city might not on the cards for everyone. However, Tripadvisor ranks New York as the eighth-best city to eat in the world, which makes it the best destination in the U.S. for food lovers.