These Limited-Edition Lucky Charms Turn Your Milk Green

Lucky Charms is the only breakfast cereal we know of whose mascot is a leprechaun, something that alone makes it pretty much the official breakfast cereal of St. Patrick's Day. Sure, there's nothing remotely Irish about the breakfast product — according to IrishCentral, the most popular morning meal in Ireland consists of sausages, bacon, eggs, soda bread, and savory puddings both white and black — but it's hard to resist the charming cartoon character on the cereal box.

At any rate, Lucky Charms is doubling down on its "leprechaun magic" shtick this St. Patrick's Day season (which, yes, is already underway two months in advance of the holiday because winter is kind of boring and Valentine's Day alone can't sustain the entire first half of the year). As to how the cereal brand plans to celebrate the holiday, a press release sent to Mashed indicates that it's going with green marshmallows — because, what else?

Green marshmallows aren't the only thing this holiday cereal has to offer

As per the Lucky Charms announcement shared with Mashed, you should start to see the brand's returning St. Patrick's Day cereal on store shelves any day now for the suggested price of $4.73 per box. What makes this limited-edition, frosted oats cereal unique? Through the magic of food dye, clover-shaped marshmallows — or marbits, as they are officially called — turn your milk green! (While the press release doesn't say if this color magic would also work for beer, this could make for a fun experiment.)

But that's not all: If the thought of green-tinted liquid doesn't float your boat (or your cereal), Delish reports that these holiday-edition Lucky Charms have another surprise to offer. The boxes will include instructions on how to repurpose them into leprechaun traps, as well as recipes for homemade treats made with the sugary cereal.